From leaky gutters to sagging gutters to unsecured downspouts, Gumtree Gutters can repair any type of rain gutter. Gumtree Gutters completes repairs on aluminum, copper and galvanized steel gutters.

Stopping a leaking rain gutter is the most common type of repair that we complete. Usually this problem is caused by cracked sealants or poor installation methods. Normally, leaky gutters can be repaired with new sealant at corners, seams, downspout openings, and end caps.

How to fix leaky gutters
Replacing Sagging Gutters

Sagging Gutters

Sagging or unattached gutters are other common problems. Sagging gutters can usually be prevented with regular gutter maintenance and proper installation of gutters. The most common reason for sagging gutters is heavy debris in the gutters. The weight of the debris will cause the gutters to pull away from the wood and sag. Sometimes sagging occurs if improper screw lengths were used to secure gutters to the wood fascia of your home. Most of the time cleaning your gutters and using proper mounting hardware will cure sagging gutters. In extreme circumstances the wood behind the gutter may be rotten, and the wood will need to be replaced before gutters can be reinstalled.

Loose Gutters

Gumtree Gutters can also repair unsecured downspouts. Sometimes the fasteners used to attach the downspout to the side of your house will break free causing the downspout to move around with the wind or create an unsightly appearance. If the downspout moves too much, it can break away from gutter causing the gutter to drain like a waterfall. To prevent this we will use high quality fasteners to secure downspouts to this side of your home. If your home is brick or stone, we will use Tapcon screws to anchor each downspout clip to the brick. Tapcons are the best fasteners that we have found for this application.

Damaged Gutters

Storm Damaged Gutters

Gutters are sometimes bombarded by thunderstorms. Storms usually cause the most damage to seamless gutters. Hail storms are particularly damaging to gutters. If a hail storm is severe enough, it can completely destroy a seamless gutter systems appearance, and the entire system will need to be replaced. Wind storms can also affect a seamless gutters structural integrity by bending or twisting the gutter. Homeowners Insurance will typically cover hail & storm damage to seamless rain gutters. Check with your insurance agent for more information.

Storms usually cause the most damage to existing gutters, but they are not the only hazards that could damage rain gutters and create a need for repairs.

Damage from Accidents

The neighbor’s kid could damage or dent a section of your gutter or downspout with a ball. Golf balls, tennis balls, and baseballs are common culprits. This damage can create unsightly dents and hurt the exterior appearance of your home. In this case we would come out and remove the damaged gutter length and install a new section of gutter to match your existing gutters.

Animals can sometimes cause damage to your seamless rain gutter system. A squirrel can jump on the edge of your gutter causing the gutter to pull away from your home. Birds can clog gutters with their nests. A dog can chew the ends off of your downspouts. All of these examples can be repaired or corrected to prevent water damage to your home.

Many types of repairs can be performed on your gutters. Proper maintenance and good installation practices will prevent most of these repairs from occurring. However if damage does occur, the damage will need to be repaired in a timely fashion to avoid more costly repairs in the future.

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